What is an art collector? 

An art collector is a person who purchases works by one or more artists, over time, to accumulate an assortment of art.  Collecting art is often a passion and can be a profession or a hobby.  A business or organization can also collect art.

Why do people collect art? 

  • To add beauty to a home, business or organization. 
  • To match the furnishings and style of a home or office.
  • To create a mood for a specific space.
  • To provoke feelings and stimulate discussion.
  • To make a political statement.
  • To express taste, personality and individuality. 
  • To invest long-term in a collectible
  • To leave a legacy for heirs.
  • To leave a legacy for the community.
  • To improve social standing.
  • To improve the image of a person or a business.
  • To speculate in order to resell for a profit.
  • To support the careers of emerging artists. 
  • To feel a sense of history and connection.
To support non-profit organizations by buying art at charitable fund raisers.